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Virtual Roofer

Virtual Roof Repairs

A licensed contractor will take you through a step by step process of your roof repair. 

Step by Step

Step One


DIY Roof Repair

Do you have a DIY approach, a few tools and ability to get up on your roof?
Give us a call or send an email outlining your questions or leak issues. 

Call or Email


Step Two

Step Four


Step Three


Your Roof

Head on up. Based on the information we received, we will let you know what to look for. 
Send us some well focused photos of the problem areas that you find. 



Step Five


After we have determined the problem area we will write up a list of items and steps for you to complete the repair.
At any stage it may be determined the true nature of your roof is beyond repair, or that extensive repair work by an experienced roofer would be required. In those cases we will outline your options and arrange a free quote to be given.  

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Tel: 510-589-0950


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