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Step by Step

Let us explain the process so that you are educated, understand the process, and know what to expect with a Moore Residential Reroof.
Free Estimate to Contract

Once we have received your request for a free quote we will schedule a time to come out and take a look at your existing roof. The next step is to send a personalized quote based on your project needs. Once the homeowner has approved the estimate, a contract is written with all of the details. Details may include color and shingle styles to be used, gutter systems, prices, and any other requests the homeowner may make. For sample colors and styles of shingles Click Here.

Schedule & Time Frame

The start of the project begins by removing the old roof. After all repairs on the substructure have been completed and dry rot removed, it's time for a city inspection to take place. At this point your roof will be inspected by a city-licensed inspector to insure we can move forward on your project.

Out with the old...

Once the signed contract is received, the new roof installation is then scheduled on a first come first serve basis. 48hrs. Before your scheduled start date a reminder is sent out that we will be up on your roof in two days time. The average sized project will last 2 to 4 days. We will not open a roof if rain is expected in the scheduled time frame of the reroof, in this case the schedule will then be adjusted, and owner informed. 



In with the new!

After we get approval from the inspection we can move forward with getting all the new materials we will need on your roof.  We then put in an order from a local supply house. A truck arrives and loads your roof up with everything we need to put down your new roof. First a 30-pound felt is installed over your roof followed by a dimensional shingle of your choice. Choices include 30, 40, or 50 year shingle, and or designer shingle styles, i.e. presidential shingles.

Shake Roof Conversions

If your roof is a shake roof the process is similar. The old shakes come off, but what’s left is a 1"X3" skip sheathing. We need to create a solid roof deck to install your new shingle roof. To do this, 2” fasteners fasten 7/16” OSB boards over the skip sheathing, or homeowner can upgrade to a 1/2" plywood for an additional cost. The edges of the new roof layer are covered by a 90-degree prepainted metal nosing. At this point a city inspector comes and reviews the newly covered roof. After passing inspection a layer of felt goes down then your new composition shingle.

Whats flashing?

Most roofs have an area where there is a breach in the roof because of either ventilation, a chimney, or second tier in the levels of the roofs. This is where flashing is used to seal the area around these breaches. All installation, flashing and painting are done during the installation of the composition.

Low Slope Roof Systems

Low slope roofs are roofs that have such a shallow pitch that water does not shed off quickly enough for a typical composition shingle to be used in compliance with city code.

Options include:  

1. A three-step asphalt system, base, mid-ply, and granulated cap. Each layer is self adhering, and options of colors match shingle colors. This system is not designed for ponding water. 

2. If you have a flat roof where water ponds and want a longer warranty, a single ply PVC or TPO option is used. These are hot air welded membranes that are used in place of traditional asphalt systems. Please visit the manufacturer's site or ask us for more info. Manufacturer's site IB ROOF.


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Licensed and Insured Contractor

Moore Residential Roofing is a Californial Insured, Bonded, and Licensed Contractor. 

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